Ten Commandents of Flyfishing



1. Thou shalt know thy knots well and
securly tie thyself to the bank.
2. Thou shalt cast with precision and thy
fly shalt like a cob web alight.
3. Thou shalt not attempt to grab fish with
bare hands.
4. Thou shalt know thy waters and be wise
about those things which might prey upon
5. Thou shalt stay clear of deep holes and
fast currents, else you might join the fish.
6. Let not thy shadow nor that of thy rod fall
upon the waters for thou possibly will scare
7. Thou shalt not drink beer while fishing.
8. Thou shalt not sing, thou art not in thy
9. Thou shalt wear a helmet and protective
10. Thou shalt not shoot thy fish with
revolver when they jump loose, for thy fish
are smarter and will plot revenge.

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